Choosing a Project (There are thousands of science fair project ideas on the internet. These are links to just a few to get you started. The one you choose must be an experiment! Ask your teacher if you are not sure if it is an experiment!

Science Fair Projects and Ideas
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A nice, neat, colorful board is important but a science fair is mostly about the experiment and the scientific method. Choose an experiment, not a demonstration. For example: building a mousetrap car is a demonstration, building a mousetrack car and testing at least three different sized wheels to see which will make the car travel the fastest is an experiment. Test each type of wheel at least three times, average the speed for each wheel and graph the averages. This type of experiment would win over the same experiment where each wheel was only tested once.

Personalize your lab, especially if you found the idea online. Come up with your own catchy title.

Math/Technology and Earth/Space categories have very few entries so those have a greater chance of winning. Product comparisons, experiments about recycling, water quality, building machines, statistics labs; there are lots of actual experiments that would fall into these categories. Please avoid building models of the solar system and look for an experiment.

County Science Fair Rules Handout - Long Version

Science Fair Rules Quick Reminders:
  • No names anywhere on the front or back of the board or the booklet; blur or use a marker to hide faces in photos
  • No liquids except plain water or colored water
  • All water is in a sealed, sturdy container that is glued and/or taped shut (plastic bottles work well, do not put liquids in zip-lock bags)
  • No actual animals or pathogenic materials are included in the display (potted plants are OK, but earthworms, mold, etc. are not)
  • No combustible materials are displayed (including unfired bullets or aerosol cans)
  • Project is within the dimensions (Depth – 2 ½ ft, Width – 4 ft, Height – 9 ft)
  • No actual food is displayed (pictures, fake food, empty containers and colored water are OK)
2014 Cullman County Science Fair Winners

2014 County Science Fair Winners.mp4

2014 FVM Science Fair Winners

These students will represent us at the Cullman County Science Fair on March 13-14 at Wallace. Congratulations!