ARMT Testing

The middle school will be testing Reading on Monday, April 20th, Math on Tuesday, April 21st, and 6th and 7th grades will be taking Science on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Happy Pi Day!

Report Card Changes

Fairview Middle School is dedicated to keeping parents informed about their child’s academic progress and we are excited to inform you of  some significant changes to how we will report their progress to you.

This year’s report cards will ONLY show test grades. We’ve moved all the extra grades for things like homework, notebooks, classwork and the like to a separate WORK ETHICS report card. This will give you a clearer picture of how well each student is mastering academic standards while also making it clear whether the student is doing their part each day towards learning the standards.

We’re excited about this new approach and hope you will appreciate the wealth of information that can be gained about your child’s academic progress and daily work habits from these two reports compared to the old system of lumping all their grades together into one average.

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PTO Officers

Pres - Sherri Tankersley
1st VP - Jessica Scott
2nd VP - Karen Loyd
Sec. - DeeDee Carden
Trea. - Darla Bowen
Historian - Lezlie Dailey